Coros Omni Bluetooth Smart Cycling Helmet

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Coros™ OMNI smart cycling helmet is high-tech sports gear designed to help riders get the most enjoyment, freedom, and awareness out of their ride while enhancing safety and performance.


  • Performance multipurpose aerodynamic helmet with 18 vent airflow cooling design.
  • Open ear bone conduction for precision sound and full environmental awareness.
  • Precision two-way audio for music, calls and communication, voice navigation and data.
  • Smart remote for hands-free audio control for volume, track forward, pause/play, calls.
  • App for ride details, routes, voice navigation, GPS data; Data share with STRAVA and Map My Ride.
  • Day/Night LED safety illumination feature provides maximum visibility throughout day and night.
  • G-Sensor emergency alert system sends SMS text and GPS location to emergency contact.
  • Comfortable foam strip lining and dynamic fit via ratchet system for extended wear.
  • All weather: Rain, water, splash, sweat resistant.


Precision two-way audio powered by COROS bone conduction technology connects you to music, phone calls, communication, and voice navigation.


Ride safe and worry free with the ability to communicate through your smartphone. No earbuds and no wires creates a safer riding environment.


Want to ride even safer? In the event of a fall, the OMNI will detect the impact and will automatically contact your list of emergency contact(s). Leaving you and your loved ones free of concern about riding solo.


Available for iOS and Android, use the COROS app to connect your OMNI and smart remote to your smart phone. The COROS app will allow you to track your route and ride history, including distance, time, speed, and calories burned.

You can designate up to 3 emergency contacts who'll be notified in the event of a significant helmet impact within the COROS app.